Jr. Prom - created Spring 2007

I remember seeing a dress in Teen Vogue that I really loved. This is my version of what I was inspired by (I wish I still had the picture somewhere). This is not one of my favorites anymore, I wish the skirt was fuller. But I remember getting many compliments on it when I wore it so... I guess it was cute. 

Purple was  my favorite color at the time and the process went pretty similar to the last one. I was inspired, I found fabric, I just went for it, and this is how it turned out. Just my measurements, my brain, no pattern, no real rhyme or reason (honestly now that I know the correct process of creating a gown I am far less creative and ambitious, I used to just cut in and make it work - now I'm more technical which is obviously a good thing, but I don't create as much as I used to).

I made the matching jewelry as well. I loved bridal magazines even back then with I was 16 and I remember seeing a white/clear necklace that I absolutely LOVED, so I re-created it, in purple! This dress was worn twice - two Jr. Prom's. 

Model/Hair: Elle Fillmore
Makeup/Styling/Photography: Bree Woolstenhulme
Photo Editing: Kiara Farley 

Prom - 2007