Men's Overcoat - Winter 2009

My best friend/boyfriend was leaving for a two year mission for our church where he would be wearing a suit everyday. I decided that I would give him something that would be beneficial to him but that would also be very unique and personal. For his 19th birthday I decided to make him his missionary present - an overcoat (it was all a big surprise, I had to guess on his measurements and hope it fit okay - it fit perfectly!) I obviously used a pattern for this one since it was my first time making an overcoat and my first time making anything for a guy (that's a lie.. I made a button-up for my brother in my BYU sewing class... ya those are pretty hard. I chose corduroy as my material.... worse mistake EVER - there is no picture for a reason, well it actually looked cute on but up close it was far from perfect). 

For the overcoat I used a navy wool/camel hair blend and it turned out pretty good for my first time. He served in the Manhattan/Bronx area so he definitely used it often. He wore it so much that by the end there were holes where the backpack would constantly rub and you could simply tell it was loved (and needing to be retired and replaced). It served its purpose! 

green lining (his favorite color) + hand embroidered quote