FIT portfolio sketches

This is a little embarrassing.. I really had no idea how to sketch before FIT (and I'm still not extrememly good.. but I am better!), I luckily bought a fashion illustration book at FIT when I was visiting in the summer and I really credit that book to my acceptance. A little background information on FIT...Approximately 2,700 students apply for the fashion design program and only 250 are accepted. Of those 250, only 50 students make it into the accelerated one-year program (which is the program I was accepted to). From these sketches I have NO idea how I was accepted... But I was, and I am SO extremely grateful! The application process was extremely rigorous. 2 weeks to prepare and submit 10 sewn designs + approximately15 sketches + a couple essays.

4 outfits using 5 items of clothing (only 2 sketches (4 items) pictured)

yellow chiffon

ballet inspired

back inspired by my favorite dance leotard


wedding gown