Sr. Prom - created Spring 2008

This dress was definitely the most time consuming. I made this before I had a ruffle foot for my sewing machine AND I used chiffon (not the easiest fabric to work with). I cut many strips of chiffon, sewed them into a tube, went through each tube with a gathering stitch, gathered them by hand (with the help of my mom - I'm not as patient as she is and if the stitch broke....I had to start over), then sewed them onto the actual dress. 

I believe I chose tan because again, it probably looked the least tacky. Black or navy would have been pretty, but the detail wouldn't have shown up as well. I love detail work and fabric manipulation, so this dress was perfect for me.

I also made the matching jewelry.

I love this dress. It was very delicate and special to me so I only wore it to one prom
(I wore my homecoming dress to the other prom I went to)

Model: Elle Fillmore
Styling/Photography: Bree Woolstenhulme
Photo Editing: Kiara Farley

Prom 2008