Blue Circle Skirt - created 2005

One of my first designs/creations. 

My mom helped me a lot since I was only 14-15 years old when I made this skirt. I wore it to the 9th grade formal dance I believe. 

It is a basic circle skirt with an elastic waist (which doesn't work too well - didn't master the art of elastic yet apparently). When I first made it I wore it around my hips (waist skirts weren't really "in").  We (my mom and I) even demonstrated how to sew it to my young women's group and we made them for an activity. 

Who knew, years later, I would look at it and still love it?!

(you'll notice later that I actually made it again a few years after in red for my Junior year "Sweethearts" dance)


Circle skirt: aBree Original
Shirt: J.Crew
Earrings: Cherry Lane

Model: Bain Woolstenhulme
Hair: Bain Woolstenhulme
Makeup: Bree Woolstenhulme
Styling: Bree Woolstenhulme
Photography: Bree Woolstenhulme
Photo Editing: Kiara Farley