Katie - Wedding Dress - created Summer/Fall 2011

My best friend (who I met at FIT) did a little dress shopping but could not seem to find anything unique enough for her. She asked me if I'd want to possibly make a dress for her...of course! I had her meet with me and bring pictures of what she was hoping for. What she showed me is not what I expected, no wonder she wasn't happy with the bridal store selection. She wanted a...

Navy and Gold Sequin Wedding Dress! 

YESSSS! I was SO excited. My mom happened to be in New York City when I was meeting with Katie to discuss her dress so I asked her to do a little swatching for me and bring me home all the navy and gold sequins she could find.

After much looking and discussing we decided to go with a slightly different design than the one I originally sketched. The top would be gold sequins and we would add a navy belt. There was no navy sequins that didn't look tacky - or that wouldn't have taken hours and hours and hours to apply and create.

Though the dress ended up being slightly different than originally planned - it turn out AMAZING! We both loved it so much and it fit her personality so well.

develop basic pattern

basic drape on dress form to Katie's measurements

fitting on Katie's body

finalized pattern

cutting into the fabric

fitting in fabric

clean finish sequin edge

lining with tag
 The beautiful bride: