FIT part 2 - second semester - Winter 2010


1. Flat Patten: (3 Hours) Flat Pattern is all done on paper using with math and technical skills.

pattern making final (more pictures to come)

2. Faces and Places in Fashion: (2 Hours) Lecture class. We learn about the people and things that are important in the fashion world. Each week we have guest speakers come and teach us about all the things we need to know to succeed in the fashion industry. 

3. Digital Flats and Specs: (3 Hours) This class is a continuation of my photoshop/illustrator class from last semester. We only use Illustrator though, which is a program where we draw our designs into the computer instead of on paper. Basically it is all the very technical stuff to show all the seam lines, the measurements, the exact process of how the design will be executed.


4. Draping: (6 Hours) Draping is visual, it is the manipulation of fabric on a form to produce your wanted end result. 

Pellon Dress (heavy paper-type stuff) made out of circles

completely wearable zipper and all


 AAS Valentino inspired final project

more pictures to come

5. Fashion Data Management: (3 Hours) Product Data Management program.

Designs for my target market: Anthropologie/J.Crew type women

the scanner altered the colors a bit (shadow exceptionally dark)

6. Textiles: (3 Hours) Another lecture class where we learn about all and every type of fabric.

7. Fashion Art and Design: (4 Hours) Fashion drawing class where we sketch our designs. 

We had to use watercolor as opposed to markers and pencils which is all I had ever used before.. so they didn't turn out super good... especially the faces.

8. Model Drawing: (2 Hours) This is a pretty chill class, we just draw models, mostly to get a feel for the fashion figure and for drawing different types of clothes in different mediums.