FIT Final Project (the pink dress) - created Spring 2010

This garment was nothing like I originally planned. Over our month long winter break we had to sketch about 50 Valentino inspired gowns. I did a sketch, similar to the final dress, which was chosen. My teacher then set our color story - PINK. By no means was this dress designed in pink originally (it is actually my least favorite color) - it was originally shades of black and nude. I also did not plan on making it strapless, or fluted, or using chiffon for the skirt. We had to meet with our teacher and a guest judge who talked with us about our designs and basically by the end everything that I had originally planned went out the door. I hated this dress SO much by the end because it wasn't what I wanted at all. It was so much work and it took so much time so I was extremely happy when my sister tried it on and it actually looked AMAZING on her! What a relief. I think putting it away for 2 years and not looking at it helped - the hard work did pay off. Plus my sister is simply gorgeous!

Model: Bain Woolstenhulme
Hair/Make-up/Photography: Bree Woolstenhulme
Photo Editing: Kiara Farley
Earrings: J.Crew